Enchipsu Customer reviews feat. Iswarya

Enchipsu Customer reviews feat. Iswarya

Iswarya says, "To be honest with you, I am not a fan of banana chips, but it seems like everyone in my family is! My parents, cousins, in-laws ā€” they all want to know where I buy these banana chips. I have placed more than ten orders in the last three months, on demand. My mother makes me order the chips online so she can become a supplier for all our relatives, ha!

Each packet lasts no more than three days in my home, if I place them out of casual reach. I like that the quality is consistently good; I'm never disappointed. We all derive happiness from watching our loved ones eat something with great relish, I'm no different. The sweet chips are my favourite.


As a bonus, Enchipsu is fun to follow on social media too!Ā 

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