Nagercoil Banana Chips!

Authentic Nendrangai Chips from Nagercoil.

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What's the magic?

Where do you think the secret of the banana chips lies? The plantain? The fresh oil? or the spices? Grab a pack to find out.

Extra puffy

Our Banana chips are thicker with the surface puffed up and bubbled, while the regular Kerala style chips are usually flat and thinner. This gives more crunchiness to the chips.

Why Enchipsu?

Enchipsu is a fun loving brand started in 2017 for one purpose: introducing Nagercoil's delicious Chips to the rest of the world.


Bowl of Happiness

Share a pack of chips with a kid. Buy a pack and we donate a pack to the underprivileged kids!

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Thoodhuvan books

For the book nerds out there. Enchipsu collaborated with Thoodhuvan Books to bring you the exciting classic Tamil Books.

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