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Our Nendram Banana Chips are addictive - Here is why!

Karuppati Halwa - Palm Jaggery Halwa

The Making

Enchipsu since 2017

We’re a small business that takes care of every customer. We value your feedback, we want to constantly do better, and we never compromise on quality. We deliver with love from Nagercoil.

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  • En-Shipping

    Perfect snacks stay that way when the packaging is perfect. We guarantee that our products will retain their freshness when you receive them. Keep crunching!

  • Thicc = snack

    Nagercoil Banana Chips are thicker than your regular banana chips. This lends them a unique texture that you can’t get enough of. 

  • Year 2021

    We shipped 1948 boxes in the year 2021.

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