Life Saviour.

Stories From The Heart

A collection of lovable experiences our customers shared with enchipsu.

My first love!

"All through my school, I would look forward to returning home, grab the box of banana chips from the top shelf in the kitchen, and munch away to glory. Twenty years later, my craze for banana chips hasn't gone anywhere," says Pradeep Kumar. "And anyone from Nagercoil will vouch for this — the chips we get here are simply the best. They are thick and flavourful, with a satisfying crunch. They are not so thin that they poke your gums when you chew in a hurry, yet they are always crispy. Everyone who eats Nagercoil banana chips tends to agree as well. You only have to ask my college mates, they'll tell you! They would make me bring back at least two or three kilos of banana chips every time I went home. I was the chips guy, and I didn't mind it one bit. Now, we all live in different places, but they still get a craving every so often. Enchipsu makes it all so convenient. I only need to send a Whatsapp message, and the banana chips delivery is taken care of. Their chips manage to capture and retain that very special flavour of Nagercoil. It's the perfect gift for all the snack lovers in your life!" 

Life Saviour

Elstin Raj is certain that if he asks his girlfriend what she wants, she will say "Enakku edhathu pandan venum[I want some snacks]." He says food is their common love, and perhaps her first love. "Whenever we used to meet in Nagercoil, I would get a pack or two of banana chips, and we would munch on them over tea. Things started to change once she moved to Chennai for work. We could no longer meet frequently, and we took our tea time to our daily video calls. The same tea and banana chips, from a distance. Last year, this distance got the better of us, and all our conversations seemed to end in arguments. I wanted to tell her I was sorry, and that I was thinking of her, and I knew if there was one thing that could put her in a good mood, it was snacks. I was looking for a way to get Nagercoil-style banana chips delivered to her in Chennai, as a way for us to reminisce, and Enchipsu came to the rescue. I ordered a combo pack from them, and asked them to include an apology note. It may be a small gesture, but her delight at receiving the package was all that I needed! My apologies were accepted, no doubt. I ordered a combo pack for myself too, of course. 

Mariam - the OG customer since 2018

" My Love for banana chips began when I was five. The first time I went to Courtallam, there i was, soaking wet, wrapped in a towel in the noisy & colourful market near Main falls. I stared in wonder as one guy shaved the Nendhram into the boiling oil and the other guy bounced the oil, took the chips out and salted it. I'd try to go there every year for the chips, but it wasn't possible.

Enchipsu brought back the nostalgia, it brought back the feeling of that shivering little girl standing near the warmth of the boiling oil. My friends were hyping Enchipsu, internally I felt that anything which is overhyped, ends up being a disaster. Enchipsu was the contrary.I thought my experience with En Chipsu would be like "Poda en sipsu", but it was anything but that. Their products are packed in boxes as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger bringing home my favourite chips with such care.

I've been an OG "user" ever since Enchipsu website used to have a black background and the packages came with a handwritten note. It's been the one thing that has been constant, with no compromise on the taste or quality with every order. If anything, it only keeps getting better. I love how the chips are puffy and bubbly unlike the regular, flat and flavourless. nendhram chips. I especially love popping those bubbles by gently nibbling on it, it's a flavour explosion in my mouth. The mild spices give a tingly mouth feel.

My absolute favourite product is the Jackfruit chips. I eagerly wait for jackfruit season to order them. But recently, Thaenkuzhal muruku has been a tough competitor as well. When the secret email offers arrive, I always buy in bulk, even if my wallet is empty, my heart would be full ❤️

En Chipsu has provided me with companionship that kept me sane when my hostel food was shitty, to now being on my table while I work from home. It has seen me go from Single to being married and now, my husband is equally addicted. He lives abroad and gets to carry only 25kg of baggage. 3kg of Enchipsu products were the first thing he packed. We packed it with so much care to maintain the integrity. That's how much value Enchipsu holds in my life. I wish nothing but the best for Enchipsu to grow further & for constant success. " says Mariam

A new member in our family!

Iswarya says, "To be honest with you, I am not a fan of banana chips, but it seems like everyone in my family is! My parents, cousins, in-laws — they all want to know where I buy these banana chips. I have placed more than ten orders in the last three months, on demand. My mother makes me order the chips online so she can become a supplier for all our relatives, ha! Each packet lasts no more than three days in my home, if I place them out of casual reach. I like that the quality is consistently good; I'm never disappointed. We all derive happiness from watching our loved ones eat something with great relish, I'm no different. The sweet chips are my favourite. As a bonus, Enchipsu is fun to follow on social media too! 

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