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New Cheese Jalapeño Flavour - Banana Chips

New Cheese Jalapeño Flavour - Banana Chips

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Buy Jalapeño Cheese Flavour Banana Chips Online

Introducing our new Jalapeno Cheese Flavour Banana Chips! Add a unique kick to your snack time with our crunchy chips prepared with the spicy flavor of jalapeños and creamy cheese. 

Satisfy your craving for something totally unique with our Jalapeño Cheese Flavour Banana Chips! Newly-made and perfectly crispy, these jalapeño goodness-infused chips are the perfect snack to spice up your life. No artificial colors, real jalapeño flavor, and home delivery? What's not to love? Buy online today and get snacking!

Ingredients: Nendram Plantains, Salt, Cheese powder, Jalapeno powder , Refined Sunflower oil

Shelf life : 25 Days from the date of packing.

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Shelf life

25 days from the date of packing

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